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Florida Public Libraries
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Masaryktown (T. G. Masaryk Memorial Library)
T.G. Marsaryk Memorial Library, Marsaryktown, FL

Founded by Czech immigrants in 1924, this town has lost its agricultural (egg and citrus) industry and is no longer incorporated. Several histories online state that its community center burnt in 1974. Using the address on this postcard (No. 7 N. U.S. 41), the library is no longer extant. I do hope the Czeck and Slovak works were saved.

Oddly, there is another Masaryktown Library, in Ontario, Canada.

Photo on the postcard by MWM likely dates to 1965, despite the 48 star flag.

Melbourne, FL public library

Mid-Century Modern building, no longer in use.

'Lusterchrome' postcard by the Tichnor Brothers.

Miami Woman's Club and Flagler Memorial Library
Miami Woman's Club and Flagler Memorial Library in a 4 storey building

Amidst the highrises, this 1928 building is still standing. 

Miami Memorial Library
Miami Memorial Library and oceanfront

(L) Color-Tone postcard in linen finish. 

(R) An overhead shot along Biscayne Boulevard showing Hotel Row and the Library.

The Mid-Century Modern building was demolished sometime early in the 21st Century.

Birdseye view of stadium and Miami public library
Miami Beach
Miami Beach, FL public library

A new library stands at 2100 Collins Avenue, so I assume these buildings were demolished. Both have an interesting feel; both date from the mid-20th Century.

The postcard was a Scenic Vendors product, printed by DuKane Press.

New Port Richey
New Port Richey, FL public library

Founded in 1919. As this was a replacement building, so has it been replaced.


Postcard mailed in 1973. Its description calls the building 'newly constructed.'

New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach, FL public library

Either replaced or heavily remodeled.


Curt Teich 'C.T. Art Colortone' linen finish postcard for Walker News.

Orange City (Dickinson Memorial Library)

Still in use. Combined with the park, it was a pretty site.

Dickinson Memorial Library, Orange City, FL

(L) Photo postcard, publisher unknown.


(R) "Sky-Tint" postcard made for Asheville Post Card.

Dickinson Memorial Library, Orange City, FL
Albertson Public Library
Albertson Public Library, Orlando, FL (Demolished)

This is the most documentary of the cards I have for this library.  It's a Curt Teich card, supposedly dating from 1922. 


The Albertson Public Library was built in 1923. From the way the library's website and the downtown Orlando website are phrased, it looks like this was demolished for the current building.

Orlando Public Library
The current Orlando, FL library as seen in 1969.

Brutalist structure which Curt Teich describes on the 1969 chrome postcard:


Building is constructed of concrete poured into wooden forms which leave the imprint of their grain in the concrete. The rough concrete finish never needs maintenance care.


Still in use.

Palatka, FL public library

The attractive building, a weird mashup of Deco and Colonial Revival styles, is now the Arts Council of Greater Palatka.


This is an Auburn Greeting Card, probably from the 1930s. It is uncommon to see eastern subjects featured by the Indiana firm.

Pensacola, FL public library

Vastly expanded: still in use. Splendid example of Mid-Century Modern architecture, which reminds me of some midwestern Catholic churches and parochial schools.


Dexter Press postcard for Pronto Photos states that it was built in 1957.

St. Augustine

According to the W.J. Harris/Curt Teich postcard at left, ca. 1911, this building dates to the Spanish settlement era, and served as the King's Bakery. It has been replaced as the library, but the new building reflects the old building's structure.

(R) Rogero & Pomar card must be showing the other side of the building.

Front view of St. Augustine, FL public library
Rear view of St. Augustine, FL public library
St. Cloud (Veterans Memorial Library)

Built by local contractor Pete Morgan. Replaced in 1968. Now located in a repurposed bank building. After housing a resale shop for over 25 years, this building now houses the St. Cloud Heritage Museum, which hosts a nice library history page.


L.L. Cook photo postcard.

Veterans Memorial Library, St. Cloud, FL
St. Petersburg

No Carnegie buildings were harmed in the making of this new central library. The postcard dates to 1964.


The Mid-Century Modern building is still in use.

St. Petersburg, FL public library, mid-century modern style
Sarasota (Chidsey Library)
Chidsey Library, Sarasota, FL

Probably the most Art Deco library building I've ever seen. Linen finish tends to make library buildings look silly, but these are just right.


It now serves as a museum. 

Chidsey Library, Sarasota, FL
Sebring, FL public library

Library Hut.


Either replaced, or drastically remodelled.


Curt Teich postcard


Dedicated 1968: replaced in the mid-1990s. Although it replaced the Carnegie building, the elder was not demolished. I don't know about this building. 

Tampa, FL public library, ca. 1968

(L) Curt Teich 'Greetings' postcard.

(R) Ted Saylor Photography card.


Tampa, FL public library, ca. 1968
Venice, FL public library

Rather unimaginative building that looks like a post office of the era. It's either replaced or has had multiple additions.


Plastichrome product for Tropical Cards.


A rickety library is better than none at all.


Vero Beach's library is part of the Indian River County Library System.


The postcard is by Commercialchrome.

Vero Public Library, Vero, FL
Vero Beach (Indian River County Library)
Indian River County Library, Vero Beach, FL

This building, as seen on a 1968 Curt Teich postcard, has been replaced. I don't know its fate. Lovely example of Mid-Century Modern Architecture.

West Palm Beach
W. Palm Beach, FL public library

(L) E.C. Kropp postcard.

(R) Curt Teich card, ca. 1924.

W. Palm Beach, FL public library

Let us now resume Floridian beauty.

This building seems to have been in use from 1924 to 1962. It memorialized those lost in WW I. It was replaced by a Norman Robson-designed  building that met with no love, was remodelled, then replaced by a beautiful facility.

Winter Park
Winter Park, FL public library

Which iteration of the Winter Park Library this building is, is uncertain to me. A message on the L.L. Cook card states:

This is where I work there are 2 rooms, porch & toilet in a separate wing to rear--Faces west The Jrdlept is here but I work at center desk just inside door part time.

Combining the message with the Library history makes me think it's the 1924 configuration, but the postcard is newer. In 1956, a children's wing, in cement block, was built. The card likely dates to the early 1950s.

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