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Carnegie Libraries of Nevada and Utah

Geography and a paucity of Carnegie library postcards are what these states have in common. Whereas Nevada had just the one Carnegie grant, Utah had 23 grants, but few postcards made.



In use merely from 1904 to 1930. Demolished for a new post office.

The Washoe County Library's web site has to have the greatest bookmobile photo ever.

Early scenic view of Reno, NV, with library at left.

(L) Reno scenic view with library at center left.

(R) Edward H. Mitchell postcards are amazing. In addition to the tiny, pink Carnegie building are a street car, a horsedrawn delivery wagon, and the Masonic Temple.


Late 1907 grant. Built in 1909 and recast into the Eureka Memorial Building in 1947. Sadly, the community only has bookmobile service today.


The local publisher of this postcard was W.J. Tregoning. It was printed in Germany.


1901 grant; demolished in 1969.


Card for Gray News.


The city auditorium is the primary feature on this 1946 Curt Teich postcard, instead of the little grey Classical Revival Type A Carnegie library, with the flagpole and flag. Remarkably, it served as the interim library in 1957, after the Carnegie building was demolished for the current library.


The WPA engulfed this building in 1939, similar to the fate of the Rockford, IL Carnegie building. I do not know what its current purpose is.


Lovely view on an evenly divided card postmarked 1910.

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