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Carnegie Libraries of Nebraska
Cities D - I

David City

One of the last Carnegie building grants: November 22, 1916.

Among some of the challenges which faced the David City Library: insufficient electrical power (in the pre-Carnegie days) resulting in a four hour week; a flu epidemic delaying the 1918 opening of this building until 1919*; and an inability to meet the ADA requirements of 1991.

Replaced by the Roman L. and Victoria E. Hruska Memorial Public Library, dedicated in 1996.

*History does not repeat itself. but it tends to rhyme.

Architects' photo card, by Fiske & Meginnis, of the David City Carnegie library

(L) Photo postcard by its architects, Fiske & Meginnis of Lincoln. It was mailed in 1926 for personal mail.

(R) Photo postcard shows a lawn and a yard light.

David City, NE Carnegie library
DeWitt, NE Carnegie library

1906 grant: built 1908.

Most Nebraska Carnegie buildings are still standing, although a few have been replaced. This is one which has been demolished.

Note the brick pillars and the cement block sides to the steps. This wasn't the high point of library architecture. 

The Parkhurst Studio postcard was mailed in 1913.


Many postcards exist for this Carnegie library. Christmas Eve grant, 1907. Expanded, 1988.
Still in use, but only for the children's section.

Fairbury, NE Carnegie library

(L) Curt Teich "Blue-Sky" postcard.


(R) E.C. Kropp postcard.

Fairbury, NE Carnegie library
Fairbury, NE Carnegie library

(L) 1939 (dated by book jackets for Danger Signal and Frost Flower) photo postcard. Pencil date on reverse: May 22, 1948.


(R) Photo postcard mailed 1913.

Fairbury, NE Carnegie library
Fairfield, NE Carnegie library

Captioned as Carniege Library  Fairfield Neb.

This was designed by Richard W. Grant and built by T. J. Fowler in 1913. Remarkably, it's still in use and unaltered.

Fremont, NE Carnegie library, demolished

1903 - 1971

Curiously decorated entry, resembling that of Sigourney, Iowa's Carnegie building.


This is likely a C.U. Williams 'Photoette' postcard and was mailed in 1910.


Fullerton received a 1912 Carnegie grant. This building, although extant, has been superseded. 

The photo postcard appears to have been taken upon completion. It's a very utilitarian building.

4 small views of Geneva, NE buildings

The library (lower right corner) received a 1911 grant. Its architect was Richard W. Grant.


The card is by Harritt Photos. Sometimes a multiview is all that can be found for Midwestern hamlets.

Gothenburg, NE Carnegie library

1915 grant; built 1916. Unusual configuration.


Still in use.

Grand Island

1902 grant. Still standing, but replaced.


Lovely card, probably produced by Curt Teich.

Grand Island, NE Carnegie library

Replaced by Keene Memorial Library in 1963. Subsequently demolished.

Hastings, NE Carnegie library

(L) E.N. Hamen card.

(R) Stein Bros. card: crude, but newer.

Hastings, NE Carnegie library
Holdrege, NE Carnegie library
Holdrege, NE Carnegie library
Holdrege, NE Carnegie library

ZIM postcard, with image taken in a high wind.

Mailed in 1908

L.L. Cook photo postcard.

Late 1904 grant. According to the submission papers to the National Register of Historic Places, Holdrege was below the population limits for the grant, so the application was for a Phelps County Library. The building's architect was Thomas Kimball, and his concept was built by G. A. Anderson, per a 30 May article in the Holdrege Daily Citizen.

The building may or may not still be in use. In 2013, Nix stated that the Carnegie building was obscured by a new entrance. Looking at the Library's web site, I can't tell one way or the other.

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