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Welcome back!

If you are looking for my collection of leather library postcards, it has been moved.


All these postcards were printed by the Reichner Bros., of Leipzig and Munich. They are referred to as Illuminated Postcards.

(L) Lawrence, MA public library

(R) Lynn, MA public library

Lynn, MA public library
Carnegie Library, Melrose, MA

(L) Melrose, MA Carnegie library

(R) Springfield, MA City Library, the precursor to the Carnegie libraries of the city.

City Library, Springfield, MA, in Gothic/Romanesque style

The above are the copper window postcards in my library postcard collection. Click the image to reach the library's  primary page. Other navigation is in the top strip, and a drop-down menu to right.


As always, I'd appreciate feedback from all my followers: librarians, historians, deltiologists, and those curious about those little neoclassical temples of wisdom dotted across North America.




Judy Aulik

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