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I'm working on a page which is an ongoing personal research project. Take a look at Ladies' Libraries, and if you have some connection with these precursors to the public library movement and Carnegie's mission, please drop me a line.

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Amusing discoveries

2/19/2016   What a fun history on the origin of the card catalog!


4/6/2016    A peek at the Herne Hill Carnegie Library in South London, UK. 


4/14/16     Two bookmobile pages; one, a full web site, and the other, a short tribute .


4/20/16     Los Angeles Public Library is issuing some spiffy new borrower's cards!

6/19/16    Columbus (Carnegie building) renovation news, from the Dispatch.

8/2/16      Better late than never: the Hawthorne Branch of Madison (WI) Public Library, originally housed in the Sixth Ward Branch Carnegie building.

9/3/16      The Rockford Register-Star discloses that Winnebago Co. Board of Supervisors member Walter Van Alstyne ensures that Memorial Hall would not be built on the coal gas site, leaving the toxic site for the siting of the Carnegie-funded Rockford Public Library.

9/29/16   WSBT-22 posts that Niles, MI's Carnegie building, already housing Niles' Chamber of Commerce, will be remodeled to accommodate archaeological artifacts and paintings from the Niles History Center.

10/5/16   NYPL's Rose Main Reading Room is renovated.

10/26/16  A nod to the season, courtesy of American Libraries magazine.

12/14/16  Not amusing whatsoever. Hoping KCPL has good security camera coverage.

11/25/17  The Rockford Public Library's Carnegie building is closed for 3 years during extensive renovations to remove coal-tar contaminants. 

1/27/18     Gary, Indiana's main library reopens after a nearly 7 year hiatus.

10/9/18     Among other library referenda, Rochester (IL) Public Library District has a referendum upcoming. Please take the time to vote, and please vote YES. A strong nation depends in an involved, literate populace.

Late 9/18    The old Rockford Public Library Carnegie building is demolished

2/1/19      After the 1962 addition was removed from historic Nichols Library, incorporation of the 1,500 square foot historic remnant into a restaurant is planned. 

4/24/19    Antigo Public Library is being rebuilt after a December incident when a wayward driver attempted to turn the facility into a drive-thru.

5/24/19    America's Library, the NYPL, is having a budgetary crisis. If you can't help with your pocketbook, at least leave encouragement here.

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