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NB: Thanks to NPR's story, yes, you can find something to read.

There are some libraries still open for browsing, but curbside service is quite the enjoyable luxury provided by the RAILS libraries of northern Illinois.

And don't forget Project Gutenberg. Please stay well!

I'm working on a page which is an ongoing personal research project. Take a look at Ladies' Libraries, and if you have some connection with these precursors to the public library movement and Carnegie's mission, please drop me a line.

As always, I'd appreciate feedback from all my followers: librarians, historians, deltiologists, and those curious about those little neoclassical temples of wisdom dotted across North America.




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2/1/19      After the 1962 addition was removed from historic Nichols Library, incorporation of the 1,500 square foot historic remnant into a restaurant is planned. 

4/24/19    Antigo Public Library is being rebuilt after a December incident when a wayward driver attempted to turn the facility into a drive-thru.

5/24/19    America's Library, the NYPL, is having a budgetary crisis. If you can't help with your pocketbook, at least leave encouragement here.

11/29/19  One person's homage to the Decatur, IL Carnegie Library.

1/26/20    The replacement for Geneva's Carnegie library is nearly finished. 

4/17/20    Chicago suburban libraries deal with COVID-19.

12/24/20  Above and beyond in library service.

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