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With the finding of a Metropolis post card, this stretch of library postcards is essentially complete.


(L) The postcard was mailed in 1910. I can't make out the publisher's name, but it was made in Germany.
(R) 'Newvochrome' card, also German.

Carnegie building occupied since 1904. Instead of enlarging it, a Children's Library was built in 1980. They are connected via a hallway and two rooms. That's a sensitive compromise.


The Marion Carnegie Library site used to show the sensitively renovated building, but I suppose it's rather passé by now.
Built 1915; opened February 29, 1916; expanded 1997.


The postcard: E.C. Kropp out of Milwaukee.


C.R. Childs card, mailed in 1914.

L.L. Cook photo postcard. The fender of a pre-WW II car appears in the lower left corner.

Very early Curt Teich card, in poor condition, postmarked 1907.

Building is still in use as a library, and appears well-maintained.
1904 grant: tan brick building, expanded in 1938, after these cards were made.

(L) Card by R.E. Paper & Stationery of Ayer, Massachusetts.


1901 grant; built 1903. The Bials comment that this Carnegie building lacked a full basement, perhaps a reason why expansion was needed in 1995.


(R) Art Nouveau card, possibly printed before the Library's opening.

(L) Pull-out folder features the Carnegie building.


(R) Early divided back card, printed by the Mattoon News Co. Publishers.


(R, below) 1954 Curt Teich linen finish card.


(L) The library is the lefthand building, stemming from a 1904 grant. The City Hall, on the right, has been replaced by the library annex.

(R) The 1907 Curt Teich postcard was mailed 20 years afterwards.

In 2013, due to budgetary reasons, the Library shut down. Fortunately, the crisis was temporary.


These cards feature a classic Carnegie library built in 1904.
According to the city's website, it is still in use as the Hume-Carnegie Museum.


Mailed in 1919.

ca. 1937


When you try to cover multiple buildings, sometimes you, Eagle Post Card View, create a mess. The Library (1912 grant) is still in use.Don't know about Eagle.


Grant accepted, 1904. The Library building is still in use.


(L) Card mailed in 1948.

(R) C.U. Williams postcard, mailed in 1914.


Rock Island Post Card Co. card.

Stylistically distinct and a favorite.

Acmegraph card, mailed in 1916.

M. Montgomery postcard.

1901 grant. Replaced in 2008.
By the point I had my historical information straight about this neoclassical wonder, it was just before the Carnegie building was replaced.

Built 1904, renovated due to advanced deterioration 1964, funded for new building 2004.
A pleasing symmetry, isn't it?

Stunning photo postcard.



1912 grant. Replaced by a new building, same site.


L.L. Cook photo postcard, mailed in 1958.


Mount Carmel

1911 Carnegie Library condemned in the 1960s, and replaced in 1970.


E.C. Kropp post card.

Mount Carroll

Way prettier in reality than on these monochrome postcards.

Even C.R. Childs can have an off day.

1905 grant. Lovingly tended and still in use.

Andrew Carnegie, discussing this building:


It is one of the few libraries I have given in which there was no graft in building.


Both the above, and the fact Mt. Carroll built its library before its city hall, make sense when considering this was the original home of Shimer College. Originally a seminary (and with an interesting campus remnant), now featuring the rare 'Great Books' curriculum, it has moved, first to Chicago, now to North Central College in Naperville.


Mount Vernon (C.E. Brehm Memorial Library)

(L) Rotograph postcard, mailed in 1908.

(R) From R.L. Webb's Book Store.

The Carnegie building was completed in 1905, and is still in use after a century plus. An excellent history of the building and of the C.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District is given on the district's website.

(R) Curt Teich 'American Art' post card, in linen finish.

Why yes, there are no "N" Carnegie cities in the state, except for North Central College (Naperville)

1903 grant.

Decorative glass above the front door helps distinguish this rather mundane library building. Despite its bland appearance, it did make the Illinois Historic Preservation list.


This is a 'Competition Proof' Weixelbaum card, published in Lima, Ohio.



Confirmed as a 1907 Carnegie building by Bial and Bial.

I had to rely on a church website to learn that this building is still in use. I did find out from the library's site that the library was formed in 1858 (impressive!) and that the district encompasses Ridgeland Township (Iroquois Co.).


This is a Real Photo Postcard, (RPPC) with the helpful comment written on the back, 'Onarga in 1910.'


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