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Public Libraries of the Dakotas

There just aren't that many of these postcards, in contrast to those of the Carnegie libraries.

 North Dakota 
Bismarck (Veterans Memorial Library)
Veteran's Memorial Library, Bismarck, ND

Replacement for the Carnegie building.
I believe that I have been inside this building with family members.


Published by North Dakota Scenes.

Jamestown (Alfred Dickey Library)

Information from the James River Library's history page.
Built in 1919 in Louis Sullivan's Egyptian style by student J.A. Shannon. No wonder they planned so carefully for a forthcoming addition.

Photo postcard of Alfred Dickey Library, Jamestown, ND

(L) Photo postcard dates from early in the Library's history. Note the auto.

(R) Dexter Press card mailed in 1953.

Alfred Dickey Library, Jamestown, ND
Lakota (A.M. Tofthagen Library & Museum)

Not often that a library admits to being small.
Small, but mighty: on the National Register since 1991.

Lakota, ND RPPC of a celebration in front of the town library.

(L) 1910s or 1920s town celebration. I would claim it to be the 1926 dedication, but I can't state it with certainty.

(R) L.L. Cook photo postcard.

A.M. Tofthagen Library & Museum, Lakota, ND
Mayville, ND public library

1900 building, designed by William C. Albrant with funding by the Grandin brothers, of farming renown. In reality, the building is of several shades of red stone. It's quite lovely.


This unattributed postcard is not. 

Wahpeton (Leach Public Library)

There's no history on the Library's website, but a current photo shows the red brick building is still in use, with no visible additions.


The postcard was produced by L.L. Cook, Milwaukee. 

Leach Public Library of Wahpeton, ND. Appears to date to ca. 1930
Williston (James Memorial Library)
James Memorial Library of Williston, ND

(L) Unknown photo postcard.

(R) Bloom Bros. card.


Now in use as The James Memorial Art Center.
Built in 1911; replaced by the pretty Williston Community Library.

James Memorial Library of Williston, ND
 South Dakota 
Public library, Canova, SD

Googling this town and library yields two addresses, both of vacant lots. I do not think this is extant.

The card was mailed in 1934, but the rest of the postmark is illegible.

And the fountain/bird bath/sink at left in the photo is inscrutable. 

Ipswich (Marcus P. Beebe Memorial Library)

Beebe was a real estate/farmland magnate who used postcards to tout the farming capabilities of South Dakota. He was only 59 years old at death.


This beautiful Tudor/vernacular library building is still in use. Mentally, I paint this building in pink and grey granite boulders, but it's an earthy brown.


Postcard by L.L. Cook.

Marcus P. Beebe Memorial Library, Ipswich, SD

Also serves (served?) as the Day County Museum and Webster City Hall.


Photo postcard.

Day Co. Museum and library, housed in city hallWebster, SD

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