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Carnegie Libraries of Virginia, West Virginia, & Washington DC

Norfolk, VA Carnegie library (Main)

1901 grant. Replaced ca. 1970. There's a branch library still in use as a library.


Hugh C. Leighton postcard.


1914 grant. It has become the school it originally resembled: the JROTC Building of Fishburne Military School.

Curt Teich postcard, dating from 1915.

Waynesboro, VA Carnegie library
 West Virginia 
Huntington, WV Carnegie library

1901 grant; 1904 building; 1980 replacement.


But wait! The building is reused as Huntington Junior College.

Parkersburg, WV Carnegie library

Late 1903 grant; 1905 building; replaced in 1976.


But wait! It held the largest bookstore (Trans-Allegheny Books) in West Virginia. In 2010, it closed. As far as I know, it's in probate limbo today, but it is still extant according to a 2019 Google Street View.


Valentine & Sons' glossy postcard.


 Washington, DC 

When redoing my pages, I realized that the District of Columbia also had three branch Carnegie Libraries.


This building was in use from 1903 to 1970. It now houses the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

Wasnington DC Carnegie library, postcard published by the Washinton Evening & Sunday Star
Washington DC Carnegie library in tinted image

Published by the Washington Evening & Sunday Star, whose building is in the vignette.

Unknown publisher.

By the Columbia Card Co.

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