Public Libraries of Nebraska

There are either few non-Carnegie libraries, or few postcards of what exists.

Central City (Hards Memorial Library)

(L) Possibly an E.C. Kropp photo postcard.
(R) Unidentified photo postcard.


Replaced. The Library's domain seems to have been taken over by the city.


Today this is the Memorial Library & Art Gallery. You'd think an art gallery deserves a more aesthetically pleasing building, but there you go.

Postcard by L.L. Cook. 

Fremont (Keene Memorial Library)

Replacement for the Carnegie building.


Dexter Press card for Dunlap Post Card.


(L) Tribune Graphic Arts card, mailed in 1967.
(R) Pospehil Card Service card.


Replaced the Carnegie building in 1963. In 2015, the Library is still seeking funding for a renovation/ expansion.


Replaced by the Lied Imperial Public Library.


Auburn Greeting postcard.

Lincoln (Bennett Martin Library)

Replaced 'Old Main,' nickname for the Carnegie building, between 1960 and 1965.


Dexter Press postcard from 1965. The photo by Larry Witt just screams Mid-Century Modern, doesn't it?

Nebraska City (Morton-James Public Library)

1906 is quite early for a commercial photo card, by Olson Photograph Co. of Plattsmouth, NE.


'Morton' refers to Joy Morton, the Morton Salt company founder, whose even more famous philanthropic gift was Morton Arboretum, in Lisle, Illinois.

The Library's history page has some admitted gaps, but is definite that the red brick building was erected in 1896, gained a three storey stack room in 1932, a subterranean children's room in 1975, and a ca. 2002 addition.


Published by The Simplicity Co., of Chicago.


The Library was founded in 1877, but this outstanding building might not date from then. We do know that it was replaced in 1976 by the 124,500 sq. ft. building shown below.

W. Dale Clark Public Library

Published by Dexter Press in 1977. Terrible image of an attractive Mid-Century Modern library building.


Still in use.


Still in use, apparently doubled in size, judging from a Google Street view.

The postcard is a Swopes Photo product. This does not seem to be Elise Swopes, out of Chicago.

Orleans (C.B. Preston Memorial Library)

Still in use. 


The postcard tells us that this was designed by the architects Fiske & Megimnis. The Library closely resembles the rendering, even today.

Wausa (Lincoln Township Library)
Wausa, NE's Lincoln Township Library

Replaced by the Lied Lincoln Township Library.

No publishing information on this photo postcard.

Weeping Water

In use 1917-2011. Apparently still extant. It's part of a complex of historic buildings, many constructed of area limestone.

From the McGrew Color Graphics printer:

Weeping Water Academy (1885-1914), now the City Library, and Historical Marker. The oldest Congregational Church Building in Nebraska, 1870. Copied from a church building in Germany. Hand dressed native limestone. Part of the Heritage House Complex, Weeping Water, Nebr.

Card dates to ca. 1970, and was never mailed.


(L) Photo card, mailed in 1908.
(R) This entire back postcard was mailed in 1907, and shows off the vaguely Romanesque architecture to advantage.

The Woods library building was built in 1902, remodeled, and expanded in 1931. Replaced ca. 1986 by the Kilgore Memorial Library.

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