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Hanover, PA public library

Originally, (1911) the Young Memorial Library. In 1967, the Wolcott Wing was built. Now the entire building is named Guthrie Memorial Library, after a local attorney. I hope he left oodles of money behind for that honor.


Early glossy postcard mailed in 1915.

Harrisburg, PA public library

Still in use; thankfully, with branches.


1913 C.T. Photochrom (Curt Teich) postcard.

Hatboro (Union Library)
Union Library, Hatboro, PA

(L) Public Spirit brand card gives a founding date of August 2, 1755.
(R) WYCO Products concurs with the above, and calls the original institution 'Union Library Company of Hatborough.'


The 1849 building is still in use.

Union Library, Hatboro, PA
Hawley (Helen Decker Blough Public Library)
Helen Decker Blough Public Library, Hawley, PA

An informal lending library through the PTA preceded this building in 1961. Donated land made the 1966 building a possibility. It is still heavily reliant on volunteer service.

Dexter Press postcard likely dates to within a few years of the Library's opening.


Trying to find out more information about this Beaux-Arts library building is pretty difficult. The library is part of the 4 location, Luzerne County Library System.


An attractive linen Mebane Greeting Card postcard.
Mebane left in a lot of details.

Hazleton, PA public library

The ultimate "company town," the Community Building housed two theaters, a junior college, a library, a gym, a pool, bowling alley, and a cafeteria. The question is whether the library within was part of the junior college, or open to town residents.

1962 Dexter Press postcard.

Hershey, PA Community Building
Indiana (Indiana Community Center & Library)
Indiana Community Center & Library, Indiana, PA

Still in use.
Its precursor dates back to 1904.


1932 Curt Teich linen finish card, slightly aspirational, as the Library did not move in until 1934.

Jenkintown, PA public library

Still in use.


Curt Teich 'American Art' card also shows a Presbyterian Church.

Kennett Square (Bayard Taylor Memorial Library)
Bayard Taylor Memorial Library, Kennett Square, PA

Building dedicated in 1896. It served until 1962: although the library's history page is excellent, I don't know it this building still stands.


This is a Private Mailing Card. It was mailed as New Year's greetings in 1906.

Kingston (Hoyt Library)
Hoyt Library, Kingston, PA

Quite shallow building built in 1928. Children's wing added 1987. The library is still in use and is a member of the Luzerne County Library system.


Linen-finish card is produced by the Mebane Greeting Card Company.


Amazingly, Lancaster Library Company roots date to 1759. Its history is fascinating. This building sates to 1954.


The Curt Teich linen finish card dates to 1956.

Lancaster, PA Free Public Library
Langhorne, PA Public Library

Precursor library founded in the 1700s!
This Victorian-Gothic building was built in 1888 and slightly modified in 1962. Replaced in 1971, the library became the Pennwood Branch of the Bucks County Free Library.


Now the headquarters of the Historic Langhorne Association.

Meadville Library, Meadville, PA

Founded in 1812.

The building pictured is still in use. It was designed by Edward L. Tilton, a sensitive library architect, who designed its windows to maximize light for readers. An addition to the 1926 building was made in 1968.

The 1927 Curt Teich postcard was mailed in 1944.

Building in Media, PA, likely to have been the public library, per caption

The building pictured on the library website does not even slightly resemble the building on this postcard.

On the left panel:
Media Free Library organized 1901.
On the right panel:
Erected by Public Donation 1907.

I think it looks like a theater.

Montrose (Susquehanna County Library & Museum)

Still in use, with shortened hours.


The 1907 Georgian revival building is displayed well on this Taylors brand card. It mentions a 1957 addition.

Susquehanna Co. Public Library & Museum, Montrose, PA
Mt. Holly Springs (Amelia S. Givin Library)
Amelia S. Giins Public Library, Mount Holly Springs, PA

First free public library in Cumberland County (1889).

Built of Hummelstown brownstone; designed in Richardsonian Romanesque style by architect James T. Steen. Named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. Remains in use as part of the Cumberland County Library System today.


Lovely tinted postcard, ca. 1907.

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