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Public Libraries of North Carolina

Asheville (Pack Memorial Library)

Somewhere along the way this was replaced, and I don't know this building's fate. The current Asheville library is the head of the Buncombe County Library.


The card is by the Asheville Post Card Company.

Pack Memorial Library, Asheville, NC
Burlington (May Memorial Library)

Now the Allamance County Public Library. This building is still in use, but has been dramatically expanded.


1950 Curt Teich linen finish postcard, which shows more interest in Burlington's status as the Hosiery Center of the South than in the library it pictures.

May Memorial Library, Burlington, NC
Charlotte, NC public library

(L) 1959 Curt Teich chrome postcard.

(R) 1977 Dexter Press postcard with two strikes against it:

-Continental size

-Deckle edge


This replaced the Carnegie building ca. 1952.

Charlotte, NC public library

According to the Dexter Press postcard's reverse, this is a 100 year old (now ca. 160 year old) building, remodeled in 1940 into a community center and a public library.


It was replaced in 1977 by the current, Cabarrus County Library branch, named the Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library.

Concord, NC public library

The public library appears to be the rightmost building, and resembles Burlington's library building. None of this complex appears to be standing any longer.


This is an Asheville Post Card Co. product which resembles work by the Tichnor Brothers.

Gastonia, NC municipal complex
Hickory (Elbert Ivey Memorial Library)
Elbert Ivey Memorial Library, Hickory, NC

Replaced the Carnegie library (still standing, but I lack its postcard) ca. 1952.


The chrome postcard was printed by Asheville Post Card.

Leaksville (Rockingham County Library)

Still in use. Apparently, the town was merged and the community renamed to Eden: wise decision.


This is a 'Natural-Finish' card by Graycraft Card.

Rockingham Co. Library, Leaksville, NC
New Bern

The Library was housed in the John Wright Stanly House, a 1779 building which has been moved twice.
It was the public library from 1935 to 1965, and afterwards, they moved it.


This is a Curt Teich linen finish postcard, reprinted from a 1942 plate.

New Bern, NC public library
Niagara [defunct village] (Webster Library)

It isn't very often that a village important enough to merit a library fails. Niagara, Moore County, was the result of land speculation in the early 20th century by a Boston firm, New England and Southern Improvement Company. It had a resort, appealing to those of failing health; a special railroad spur; and platted streets as early as 1902.

According to a wonderful dissertation by Ronald E. Bergquist, It Could Have Been Bigger, but the Residents Like It the Way It Is, the Library ceased to function in the 1940s (although some books remain) with Bookmobile service into the 1950s.

My photo postcard is not unique. The blogger, linked 

Dedication of Webster Library, Niagara N.C., Jan. 23-1912

Dedication of Webster Library, Niagara N.C. Jan. 23-1912

above, shows this card plus another from the defunct town. Surprisingly, the building still exists and serves as a community center of sorts. In intervening years it housed the Niagara Water Company to distribute the area's supposedly healing water.

Pilot Mountain (Stone Memorial Library)
Stone Memorial Library, Pilot Mountain, NC

Rather a headache inducing chrome postcard by Clay Printing. 


I believe this to have been expanded at least once or twice to remain in use.

Raleigh (Olivia Raney Library)

Donated by Richard Beverley Raney in memory of his wife. Built in 1901, superseded in 1962, and demolished. From an architectural standpoint, it doesn't see a huge loss. The first two floors are plain with two entrances, and the chimneys appear randomly placed.

Tuck post card, printed in Holland. Usually these cards are of better quality.

Olivia Raney Library, Raleigh, NC
Rocky Mount (Thomas Hackney Braswell Memorial Library)
Thomas Hackney Braswell Memorial Library, Rocky Mount, NC

I'm uncertain of this library building's status. The Library is housed in a huge brick building which looks like a school gymnasium, a hospital, and perhaps, the building pictured, all jammed together.


1940 Curt Teich card, reprinted for the City News Store.

Southern Pines
Southern Pines, NC public library

(L) This is another 'Natural-Finish' card by Graycraft Card.
(R) Dexter Press printed this for the tourist trade.


Replaced: fate unknown.

Southern Pines, NC public library
Southport (Southport-Brunswick County Library)

Still in use as one of five county library locations. This one is tantalizingly close to the ocean.


1969 Dexter Press card, with photo attribution to Aerial Photography Sevices.

Southport, NC public library
Statesville, NC public library

The Library function is a 54,000 square foot section of the Iredell County complex of buildings.


Asheville Post Card in linen finish.

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