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Carnegie Libraries of Nebraska
Cities A - C

Main information source: Nebraska Public Library Founding Dates.
More library photos at Nebraska Memories.


April, 1907 grant, per Bobinski; 1908, per 'Nebraska Public Library Founding Dates.'  Still in use.

Albion, NE Carnegie library

(L) 'Litho-chrome' American card. Mailed in 1915.
It shows Albion Public Library, and 1908 in a roundel above the entrance.

(R) L.W. Snow photo card, mailed in 1909.

Albion, NE Carnegie library. Photo adjusted.

Late 1909 Carnegie grant: replaced, and serves as an Art Center.


Card tinted with blue and green only, on a peculiar view. Mailed in 1912.

Side view of Alliance, NE Carnegie library
Alma, NE Carnegie library

1907 grant. No longer in use as a library: replaced by Hoesch Memorial Library. Apparently it's a private residence.

This is an exceptionally crisp photo postcard, possibly from L.L. Cook. 

Aurora, NE Carnegie library

(L) Don't know who produced this, but whoever did, this is the 52nd of the series.

(R) L.L. Cook photo postcard, without the tell-tale print caption. Mailed in 1949.

Aurora, NE Carnegie library
Aurora, NE Carnegie library

(L, below) It almost seems as if there is a little bit of Deco influence on this post-1909 building.
It's an early 'C.T. Photochrom, mailed in 1915. I wonder who the two children were?


One of two Carnegie buildings in the city: Seavey is the other. This building is no longer in use as a library.

RPPC of Beatrice, NE Canegie library

(L) Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) mailed in 1911. No attribution.

(R) Public Library and Central School, Beatrice, Nebr.
Card postmarked 1915.

Postcard of Beatric, Nebraska showing its Carnegie library and the central school.

Confirmed as a 1904 Carnegie library, but don't discount the ladies of the WCTU.
In 1881, they began to fund the library founded by Clara Colby in 1873.

The Carnegie building was replaced in 1991, and used by the school system from 1991-1999 and 2002-2004, per Carnegie Center, Inc.

Vacant. Renovation funding sought, beginning 2005. A 2012 Google Street View shows new windows amidst a renovation.
Where its destiny lies is a good question.


1916 grant. Designed by Fiske & Meginnis. Demolished, according to Wikipedia. The Library page has no further information.


Lovely, unattributed photo post card, mailed in 1938.


RPPC of the Blair, NE Carnegie library building.
Bloomfield, NE Carnegie library on photo postcard.

1913 grant. Constructed in 1916, the building is extant, It's asymmetric, as is Alma above, plus Wayne Carnegie library, and very plain, meeting Carnegie's frugality requirement admirably, but not the community monument as much.

Broken Bow

1914 grant. Built in 1915-1916 by Clyde Elder, from a M. N. Bair plan. Replaced in 1972, but now serves as a professional building housing a law firm.

Publisher's attribution is L. L. Rogers, but I believe it was an Auburn Post Card product.

Clay Center

1915 Carnegie grant: still in use.


Commercialchrome postcard, never mailed.

Clay Center, NE Carnegie library. 2 storey with English basement.
Columbus, NE Carnegie library

1913 grant. Renovated in 1961, with a large addition. Replaced in 1977. No longer in use.

The C.J. Fennel postcard's 1917 message:

Very hot here and the water taste like H---


Photo postcard of Crete, NE library, by L.L. Cook.

1913 Carnegie grant: the Library was remodeled and renovated at least once.


L.L. Cook photo postcard, mailed in 1954, with comment, 'Sure stays hot up here.'


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