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Public Libraries of Delaware

Divided from Maryland and Virginia in early 2021. Time for our first state to come into its own, yes?

Zero Carnegie buildings. Few library cards.

Bridgeville, DE library, housed in a fomer church building.

1866 church, converted in 1917 to library use. Replaced in 2007: still standing, and on the National Register of Historic Places.


Dexter Press card with photograph by F.W. Brueckmann.


Originally a project of Laurel's New Century Club (1909-1932) this library building served from 1951-2006. I don't know if it is still extant.

The postcard was mailed in 1956. If it hadn't been for its postmark, I wouldn't have known it featured a Delaware library.

Laurel, DE public library
New Castle
New Castle, DE's octagonal library building

This 1892 building, with its library function petered out post-WWII, now serves as a museum. It is believed to be a Frank Furness design. A new Library was built in 1965. 

The bedraggled postcard bears an evenly divided back and was printed by George A. Wolf.


Also featuring the Newark Academy. It was built in 1769, and no longer houses the city library.

1931 Curt Teich 'Photo-Finish' card, mailed in 1940.

Wilmington, DE public library

This building was built in 1923, and was renovated in 2012. Technically, it's a corporation.


Everyone incorporates in Delaware.


Del Mar News Agency linen finish card, mailed in 1947.

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