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Public Libraries of Washington

There are a decent number of these postcards in my collection; however, most are modern continental chromes.


This replaced the Carnegie building. I can't really identify its style: a touch Steamship Moderne, a bit Mid-Century Modern. Either this building has been replaced, or else it has been heavily updated.

Bellingham, WA public library

Now part of the Libraries of Stevens County. This building is still in use, but appears to have been enlarged.


Attractive photo postcard with no publishing details.

Chewelah, WA public library

This building predates the Carnegie library; however, the Library's history page, no longer online, did not recognize a dedicated building before 1905. The postcard below states the Library was founded in 1894.


The Metropolitan News postcard was mailed in 1908.

Everett, WA's 1st public library
Everett, WA's 3rd public library

There is a library at the address given on the Fred J. Shaw postcard: the intersection of Hoyt & Everett Avenues. However, it's enormous, and I say that in a good way. If you look at the building from Hoyt on Google Street View, it seems like this building was incorporated into the new.

The Library also has one (Evergreen) branch.

Longview, WA public library

Longview was a planned community under the auspices of Robert Long of Long-Bell Lumber Company. 

The 1926 Library building is brick, however, and has been remodeled in 1953.


Wilson-Longview published this card.


It's like night and day!

Seattle, WA's mid-century public library at night
Seattle, WA's mid-century public library

(L) Curt Teich chrome postcard.

(R) C.P. Johnston postcard with image by Max Jensen.






(L, below) Mike Roberts postcard, with details:

The new $4.5M Seattle Public Library is con-sidered one of the finest in the country. The exterior of this building is a combination of pre-cast "Mo-Sai," manufactured in Seattle; "Sunset red" granite from Cold Spring, Minnesota,  "Ten-nessee Pink" marble, and heat absorbing plate glass. It has a floor space of 200,000 square feet...

(R, below) Dexter Press's take:

This new ultra-modern facility in the downtown area reflects the very latest in architectural beauty and functional efficiency.

Seattle, WA's mid-century public library at night
Seattle, WA's mid-century public library

The 1960 International Style building was designed by Bindon & Wright. Demolished ca.  2002.

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