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Public Libraries of Minneapolis
(Hennepin County)

In use 1889 - 1961, at 10th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Not intended to be a loafing place for tramps to read dime novels.

--Thomas Hale Williams, about the Athenaeum (1877), quoted in Minneapolis Observer Quarterly.

Formerly, there was a full (and funny) history on the Minneapolis Observer site, who in turn cited The Library Book: Centennial History of the Minneapolis Public Library, by Bruce Weir Benidt (1984), Minneapolis Public Library and Information Center: Minneapolis.


I am assuming this building is demolished, but I can't find proof either way.

Now incorporated into the renowned Hennepin County Library System.

(L) From the reverse of the Plastichrome card by Colourpicture Publishers of Boston 30, Mass.:

This magnificent gold trimmed Public Library, serving as headquarters for Hennepin County and Minneapolis libraries, is located in the Gateway Development Area, 300 Nicollet Avenue. The structure is made of granite, Italian marble and anodized aluminum. The library, geared for the comfort of its visitors, features smoking lounges and open shelves, invites browsing and casual research. The library also features a planetarium where regular shows are presented.


(R) From the reverse of the Mirro-Krome card by H.S Crocker, of Minneapolis 23, Minn.:

The new gold and granite Minneapolis Public Library, headquarters for both Minneapolis and Hennepin County Libraries, is located in the Gateway Development Area, 300 Nicollet Avenue.
Vivid colors, light and space combine with glass, Italian marble, teakwood and anodyzed aluminum in this modern library. Smoking lounges and open shelves invite the visitor to browse and wander.
A blacklight hall of time and space and a planetarium, where regular shows are given, are unique features of the library.

Pillsbury Library

In use 1904-1967.
But wait, now it houses a medical imaging firm.
Oops, an art gallery.
Apartments? Nah.
Now the Phillips Foundation. But hey, at least it's standing.

(L) V.O. Hammon card, produced in Chicago.
(R) Tuck postcard. Raphael Tuck & Sons, of Great Britain didn't print many featuring US public libraries, but this one is delightful.

East Minneapolis (Pittsburg Public Library)

Doesn't this seem as if the caption just might be a misprint?


Rotograph brand postcard, with an annotation stamp of Jul 15 1968. I have been unable to find more information online.

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