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Carnegie Libraries of Iowa
Cities P-S

Pella, IA Carnegie library

1905 grant.
According to the card, built in 1907. Replaced in 2000, but had additions in 1957 and 1977. No one could argue their necessity.

Now used as City Hall storage.


KRUXO photo card with message and address, but never mailed.


Perry, IA Carnegie library
Perry, IA Carnegie library


(L) Early E.C. Kropp card, mailed in 1911.

(R) This rather abused card was mailed in 1910.


The 1903 building houses a museum and special collections. The new library was built in 1993. Its architects were Brown, Healey, Stone and Sauer of Cedar Rapids.



(L) Hamilton Photo Co. card, mailed in 1955.

(R) L.L. Cook photo postcard.




Perry, IA Carnegie library
Perry, IA Carnegie library
Red Oak
Red Oak, IA Carnegie library

(L) Bedraggled card, probably a Curt Teich product.
(R) L.L. Cook photo card.


Late 1906 grant.
Beautiful Tudor-style building, still in use.


Red Oak, IA Carnegie library on photo postcard
Reinbeck, IA Carnegie library building.

Still in use, but with a huge addition. This was built after a 1916 grant, in a style typical for the day. What's completely atypical was the signage under the entry arch.

The producer of this card is unknown, and it was never mailed.

Rockwell City

Built 1908. Ground was broken for the replacement library in 2007.Pictures of the move are also on the library site, as are pictures of the new building, opened in 2008.

Rockwell City, IA Carnegie library

As of March 2010, Carnegie Antiques & Gifts occupied (occupied?) the Carnegie building. Unfortunately, by 2018, it served only as an unheated storage facility, and is considered endangered.

This is the only tinted RP in my Iowa collection. It bore a 1 cent stamp, but the postmark does not bear a year.


Sac City

1911 grant. Replaced, and now used as a combo police station and Chamber of Commerce.

Sac City, IA Carnegie Library

(L) Octochrome brand card.

(R) Card was mailed in 1952, but looks a lot older/cruder. However, the trees in front look mature enough that the card might have been contemporaneous.


Sac City, IA Carnegie Library
Sanborn, IA Carnegie Library

Built in 1911; heavily remodeled in 1964, including a children's library.
Still in use.


Sterling Quality photocard by L.L. Cook is postmarked 1916. Interestingly, L.L. Cook was located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin at the time.

Sheldon, IA Carnegie Library
Sheldon, IA Carnegie Library
Sheldon, IA Carnegie Library

E.J. Brown card copyright 1909,
showing six people on the front steps.

L.L. Cook postcard (Milwaukee)
mailed in 1948.
Nice, sharp photo.

'Litho-Chrome brand card.

Built 1906, replaced 1969. Currently in use as a museum, according to the State Library of Iowa site.

Shenandoah, IA Carnegie Library

(L) Photo postcard, never mailed.

(R) RPPC, probably from the 1940s. The license plate is not quite clear enough to read its date.

Shenandoah, IA Carnegie Library

Built 1903, addition built 1950. It was supposed to have been replaced in 2004, but in 2015, the web site shows the old building, with a 2012 addition.

Sibley, IA Carnegie Library

(L) Possibly by Co-Mo Foto, precursor to L.L. Cook.

(R) By Cook-Montgomery, also a precursor.


The Library was funded in 1917, renovated in 1985, and thoroughly spruced up in 2009. It's still in use. 

Sibley, IA Carnegie Library

Built 1913. Resembled the Fremont, Nebraska Carnegie building, now demolished.

Sigourney, IA Carnegie library

(L) This is a Dexter Press card, which I cannot date. Given that the maples look to be 30 to 40 years old, I'll give an estimate of just post-WWII.
(R) Photo postcard, never mailed.


Sigourney, IA Carnegie library

This building was supposed to have been replaced in 2001, but was not until 2008 or 2009. Today it appears to be available to rent as a 50 person meeting room.

Sioux City
Sioux City, IA Carnegie library

A Curt Teich card, mailed in 1914, features a strangely large traffic cop and at least one added auto.


The 1913 building, from a 1911 grant, was designed by Edward L. Tilton. Just when I decided that it had to have been demolished, I checked Google Maps using the address given on CLIP, and lo and behold, it's still standing, albeit a touch forlorn.

Spencer, IA Carnegie library

(L) Probably a Massure Co. postcard. There are many cards of this style of midwest libraries, and often, it's all that can be found.

(R) Photo postcard also includes a long building in the background.

Spencer, IA Carnegie library

Spencer is the library with the famous resident cat, Dewey. He roamed a new building, however. This was demolished in 1970.

Storm Lake

1903 grant. Reminiscent of the Harvey, Illinois and the Adrian, Michigan Carnegie buildings.

Its hunh? retirement occupation, since the 1960s, is as Santa's Castle.
In contrast, the current library building is a little nondescript.

Storm Lake, IA Carnegie library

(L) Dated 1926 in red felt-tip pen. Why would someone do such a desecration?

(R) Believed to be a C.U. Williams postcard.


Storm Lake, IA Carnegie library

Built in 1908 from a 1906 grant; still in use.

Stuart, IA Carnegie library

(L) Rexall card, printed in Germany.

(R) Lithochrome brand card.

Stuart, IA Carnegie library

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