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Carnegie Libraries of Vermont

One especially nice reference for these libraries is In This State: Celebrating Vermont's Carnegie Libraries
Complete except for the Morristown library.

Bellows Falls (Rockingham Free Library)

And this H.M. Francis & Son building is what we have today, with a few additions. Eventually, according to Wikipedia, the powers that be finally accepted Andrew Carnegie's money in 1908.
This building is still in use.


Newvochrome postcard, mailed in 1911. Its caption places the Library in Bellows Falls, as does the Library's web site. Technically, it's in the Town of Rockingham.

Bellows Falls, VT Carnegie library
Burlington (Carnegie Fletcher Library)
Carnegie Fletcher Library of Burlington, VT

Published by Chas. W. Hughes, Mechanicsville, N.Y.


Curiously, the Library's history page makes no mention of the architects or builders of this 1904 Carnegie-funded library building. Perhaps it's because the darn thing nearly fell down in 1973. It took until 1977 to save the building, and an addition was dedicated in January, 1981.


Fair Haven

1905 Carnegie grant.No web site, but there is some information, including a picture that shows the library still in use. The Library also had a 1997 addition.

Fairhave, VT Carnegie library

(L) Ah, the wonders of autumn in Vermont! The leaves cover the ground in a cozy blanket, and the retoucher restored them to the trees.
(R) Some mighty tropical looking plants decorate the library's lawn.


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