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Carnegie Libraries of Indiana
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The best resource I had found on this topic was the Indiana State Library's Carnegie Library page, which appears to have disappeared.

Modern Indiana libraries are organized at the county level: in some cases there are more than one Carnegie building in a county library.


1913 grant: building still in use.


Black and White brand card, published by (for?) the Wagner Post Card & Novelty Co., of Delphos, Ohio.


According to Library Journal, v. 42, (1917) the cornerstone was laid June 14. This stunningly beautiful building is no longer in use.


According to Van Slyck's Free to All: Carnegie Libraries & American Culture, 1890-1920, architects Miller, Fullenwider, & Dowling took advantage of the Carnegie grant funding and James Bertram. 

Albion, IN Carnegie library

Both postcards were produced in Indiana.

(L) From Wayne Paper Box & Printing, with aluminized border.

(R) This was an Auburn Postcard.

Albion, IN Carnegie library

Now known as the Alexandria-Monroe Public Library.

A 1902 grant resulted in a strangely asymmetric building, which was enlarged in 1989. Its original architects were Wing & Mahurin, of Fort Wayne.

(L) Aluminized border. Clear View' card from the Wayne Paper Box & Prtg. Corp.

(R) Weixelbaum postcard.


Grant obtained in 1902: the library left this fairly standard building in 1987, to expand into a Sears, Roebuck store. (I suppose that somewhere, someone is complaining about the idiots who turn perfectly good retail buildings into libraries.) An architect's rendering of a potential replacement can be seen here.

It apparently sat empty for 10 years and since 1998, houses a Fine Arts Center. The building was restored in 2006.

Curt Teich 'C.T. Photochrom' card dates between 1908 and 1910. On the right is a partial Coca-Cola advertisement.

Close-up of a staid Carnegie building. Souvenir Post Card, with entire back, mailed 1909.

Library pictured with Anderson's Central Christian Church. Its framing effect is due to embossing. Postmarked 1909.

There are more photos, including some interior photos on Indiana Memory Digital Collections' site.


1909 grant. The building underwent some heavy renovation in 2003 - 2004.


(L) Photo-Tone card shows neighborhood details.

(R) L.L. Cook photo postcard likely from the 1950s.

(L) Auburn Post Card, mailed in 1929.

(R) Auburn Post Card with blue sky tinting. I don't know what the significance of all the people standing around might be. It was mailed in 1926.


(L) C.U. Williams 'Photoette' card, printed in Bloomington, IL, and mailed in 1911.

(R) Nice 'Litho-chrome card shows off the decorative fountain.



The Library began as the Ladies Library Association of Attica (this had to have been a Michiana thing).
The Neoclassical Carnegie building opened in 1904, was renovated in 1988, and received an addition in 1995. Still in use.
Information from the state government's site of historical markers.

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