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Public Libraries of New Jersey
Cities A-L

Many of these libraries seem to have been closed.

Asbury Park
Asbury Park, NJ public library

Still in use, but denuded of its tower.


Card made for Heath's 5 & 10¢ Store.

Beach Haven

Located on Long Beach Island.


There once was an extensive history on the city's web site.
Opened in 1924, the library was built to mimic that of the typical Pennsylvania farmhouse. Its bricks arrived in the US via ship ballast, construction of St. John's church in Philadelphia, and demolition of said church for a bridge.

Beach Haven, NJ public library

The Tichnors really went all out on this linen finish card, making it look like a shorefront restaurant.

Bloomfield (Jarvie Memorial Public Library)

Replaced in 1923, when it was donated to the municipality. Said to have been engulfed in a college campus, probably Bloomfield College.

With its Romanesque architecture, it has a certain academic cast.

Card published in Great Britain, by Valentine & Sons.

Jarvis Memorial Public Library at Westminster Presbyterian Church, of Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Public Library
Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, NJ

This was the second documented building for the Jarvie Memorial Library. When James Newbegin Jarvie offered the contents of the above building to the town, it bounced about several locations until the building at left was opened in 1927. It was replaced in 1967, a 40 year run, and now serves as a theater for library events.

Bound Brook

The Taylor family home, bought for use as a public library, was demolished in 1924.


Americhrome card, never mailed, has a divided back.

Bound Brook, NJ public library, demolished

Appears to be privately run, never a good sign.

It has a proud history, having been chartered by George II, in 1757. The library web page says 1758.

The locally produced card was mailed in 1905.

Burlington, NJ library, back in its public phase

There is confusion between Cooper Park Library, which I believe is a Carnegie branch, and Cooper Branch.

Cooper Branch (Cooper Free Public Library)
Cooper Free Public Library, Camden, NJ

Address: 2nd and Cooper. Donated by Eldridge R. Johnson, the founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company, along with the eponymous park. Closed 1974.


Said to be part of one of Rutger's satellite campuses. According to Waymarking, normally a reliable source, this neo-Classical building is located in Johnson Park.

Pyne Point Park (Cooper Mansion)
Pyne Point Park Library, Camden, NJ



The irony is that you can see a body of water on both cards.

Pyne Point Park Library, Camden, NJ
Chatham (now Library of the Chathams)
Chatham, NJ public library

Built in 1924, with additions in 1940, 1960, 1963, 1982 and 2004, which has to be some sort of record. I can no longer find the library's history page, but it seems as if it has an unusual collection on the History of Radio.


Photo-Tone card (Eagle Post Card View Co.) mailed in 1938.


Named Clifton Memorial Library to commemorate the WWII dead. Built in 1952, replaced 1991. Fate unclear, as the new library was built adjacent to the old.


Moderne building featured on chrome giveaway postcard.

Clifton, NJ public library
Elizabeth, NJ public library, residential style

Replaced by the Carnegie building. Although I can find more information than usual about the latter, I can find none about this building.


The postcard is by the Souvenir Card Co. of New Jersey.

Mid-Century Modern Englewood, NJ public library

Replaced the 1915 Carnegie building.

This attractive mid-century building is still in use. It was built in 1968 by Delnoce Whitney Goubert. docomomo has further history about this gem, including more photos.

The Pendor Natural Color photochrom postcard was printed by Dexter Press.

Glen Ridge
Glen Ridge, NJ public library

It was built in 1918, but didn't get electricity until 1926. The building was modified with a three storey wing in 1993, and renovated in 2008.


Albertype postcard.

Hackensack (Johnson Public Library)

Named for the state senator, William M., who donated land for the 1901 building, which is still in use.
There are several other pictures and cards of this unusual library building linked on Hackensack Now, but I still can't determine its architectural style.

Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, NJ

(L) This card is unattributed, but was mailed in 1907, shortly after the evenly divided back became legal to use.

(R) This Eagle Quality card likely dates to the early 1930s. Note the cars and overgrowth of vegetation.

Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, NJ

Major addition in 1958 to the 1919 building.


This card most likely predates the addition, but I would not guarantee the fact.

Haddonfield, NJ public library
Hasbrouck Heights
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ public library


Photo postcard was mailed in 1941.


Founded in 1913, this building was dedicated in 1931, a very unusual time for such civic improvements. Apparently, today, a children's room is separate from the main, small library.

Lustone postcard, in chrome finish and never mailed.

Hawthorne, NJ public library

Founded in 1921, this building opened in 1954, and has had two major building projects since. It's now a branch of the Mercer County Library.

The postcard is by the Mayrose Company.

Hightstown, NJ public library
Hoboken, NJ public library

1897 building with traces of several styles of architecture: Italianate and Neoclassical are most evident to me.


It's still in use.


Postcard, its image by J. Koehler, was mailed in 1905.


Now served by the Worth-Pinkham Memorial Library. What became of this building after 1988 is unknown to me.

The Fairbanks Card Company postcard was never mailed.

Library & Memorial, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Jersey City
Jersey City public library

(L) Souvenir brand postcard, mailed in late 1908. Oddly, it has a 'Received and Answered' stamp, despite being mailed to a single person.
(R) Unknown publisher with an opposite view. Did you notice the ice wagon in front?

Mailed in 1905.

Jersey City public library

Turn of the century library building, designed by Brite & Bacon, and still in service.

Keyport (Raritan Guard Public Library)
Raritan Guard Public Library, Keyport, NJ

Well-regulated militia (Raritan Guard Library and Military Association) indeed! According to a New Jersey Library Bulletin (v.3, issue 3, 1914) article, the Guard turned its building over to the Keyport Free Library Association in March, 1914.


The Library seems to lack a web site, but photo sites show it as still in use.
I like the color scheme from the Americhrome postcard much better.

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