Public Libraries of South Carolina

The quantity of North Carolina library postcards required a separate page. I have comparatively few SC postcards.

Conway (Horry County Memorial Library)

The 1949 library building is still in use, with a 1983 addition, but I don't know the age of my source. It claims four branch libraries: I hope it's a small county. According to the postcard, the land was donated by the town and heirs of H.L. Buck.


Someone had a lazy day at Dexter Press.


Served by a branch library today.


(L) E.C. Kropp postcard, mailed in 1945.

(R) Chrome postcard with a stylish 1958 Ford in front.

Psst! The new library is much prettier.

Winyah Indigo Society & Public Library

The agricultural society was founded in 1740, and served as a public library several decades later. Now it's a rentable venue space.


Curt Teich postcard.

Georgetown County Memorial Library

Sometimes you can't make this stuff up. This was formerly the county jail, and served as the Library from the 1950s until 1989, when the area finally received a purpose-built home for library services.


Dexter Press postcard.


From the Asheville Post Card postcard reverse:

Greenville County's $2,000,000 public library is located in the Civic Center, adjacent to downtown. The 4-story main bldg. is part of a library system consisting of 6 branches and 5 bookmobiles.


This mid-century modern building appears to have been replaced.

Pawley's Island (Waccamaw Library)

This interesting building may once have been a chapel (note cross) and apparently served Pawley's Island from the 1920s until WWII. The WPA improved its collection, which was removed during the war. Service was resumed sometime in the 1950s, provided by the Georgetown County library

Caption: The Waccamaw County and Community House Combined.

School in distance, Pawley's Island, S. C. 

The postcard was produced by H. K. Skinner, and printed by Dexter Press.

Rock Hill

Now a branch of the York County Library. I believe that this building is replaced, not merely remodeled.

The Curt Teich linen finish card dates to 1944, and was never mailed.

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