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Carnegie Libraries of Nebraska
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Kearney, Nebraska Carnegie library. Demolished.

(L) I'm always taken aback by postcards that feature a quite state-of-the-art library building, and ...
a dirt street. I also notice screens on the windows. The attractive card bears an unevenly divided back, but no publisher's information.
(R) The Walraven Brothers publishers ran a bit amok with the 'Blue Sky' concept.

Kearney, Nebraska Carnegie library. Demolished.

1903 grant.
Library replaced: demolished in 1973.


Late 1916 grant. Built by the Messrs. Hansen Brothers. Replaced in 1965: it now serves as law offices.

(L) Albertype produced this monochrome card for O.M. McFarland.

(R) Hebrein photo postcard, mailed in 1934 with an 8 cent air mail stamp.


(L, above) Card, with an entire back, was published by the Lincoln Book Store.


(L, below) Postmarked 1914. City (Carnegie) Library. Divided back, 'Superior Quality, Famous Throughout the World.'
However, the foliage in the summer photograph seriously obscures the entrance.


'Old Main,' 1902-1960.

Other Lincoln Carnegie libraries included those of Havelock, University Place, and College View; all towns annexed to Lincoln in the 1930s.

Double-sized postcard of the Lincoln, NE Carnegie Library.

Double-sized postcard, possibly by the Massure Co. It was mailed in 1910.

Northeast Branch

Built 1909, in use until 1982, then moved.

Card mailed in 1911.


1911 grant. The Library recently moved to the neighboring city hall building, which replaced the city hall building in the background.

RPPC of the Madison, NE Carnegie library, and city hall

(L) Fairly early photo postcard, mailed in 1915.

(R) Photo appears to have been taken by W. S. Tannery shortly after construction was complete. Because the postmark is illegible, the closest I can date it is after 1911.

Very early RPPC of the Madison, NE Carnegie library
McCook, NE Carnegie library

Curt Teich linen finish postcard, mailed in 1946.


1905 Carnegie grant. The Red Willow County library building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. It is considered Spanish Colonial Revival Style, and was designed by architect Willis A. Marean.


Sadly, it no longer serves as a public library.




Black and White brand card shows a building which looks much like the Carnegie building of Neillsville, Wisconsin.


Library founded in 1906, and then received a late 1907 grant. Built in 1911. Replaced, and serves as offices.

Norfolk, NE Carnegie library
North Platte
Curt Teich postcard of the N. Platte, NE Carnegie library.

1910 Carnegie grant. Still standing.


C.T. Photocrom card (A.28770).

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