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Carnegie Libraries of New York*
Cities J - O

* Excluding the Five Boroughs of NYC

** Excluding Long Island


1902 Carnegie facility, renovated in 1995.

(L) Arty monochrome view by the Rochester News Company.
(R) Winter view by Valentine & Sons' Publishing Company. The card was printed in Great Britain.



Bobinski's Carnegie Libraries lists Kingston as recipient of a 1902 grant. 
I believe the Library still occupies the building.


Valentine & Sons postcard.

Mount Vernon

Hugh C. Leighton card, mailed in 1908.


Bobinski's Carnegie Libraries lists Mt. Vernon as recipient of a 1901 grant.

New Rochelle

1901 grant according to Bobinski, but the Library's web history places it sometime between 1910 and 1914. 1928 addition dated from 1928. Replaced in 1979: fate unknown.


Atypical Curt Teich linen card dates from 1934.

Niagara Falls

1901 grant. Replaced in 1974, and is still standing. Curiously, Niagara Falls, Canada also received a Carnegie grant.

(L) The card is unattributed and lacks even a plate number.
(R) Ditto for this card: however, the caption font looks like that used by the west coast printer, Edward H. Mitchell.


North Tonawanda

(L) Leighton & Valentine card.
(R) Rotograph card, mailed in 1907.


1904 grant. Replaced in 1975.
Now, an art gallery.


1901 grant, still in use.

Beautiful building of river rock and dressed stone. Under the awning, shown on the library's site, is a clearly Romanesque entryway.


This is an Excelsior card, printed in Germany.

(L) A Valentine-Souvenir postcard, printed for W.P. Bugbee, and mailed in 1918.


Late 1906 grant: opened as the fifth building in the Library's history in 1910.Replaced in 1973; possibly still standing.

(L) Unknown publisher.
(R) Artsy rendition, for the Up to Date Variety Store of Olean, printed in Germany.




Late 1911 grant: dedicated in 1914. Replaced in 1968, then demolished.


Tichnor Brothers card appears to date from the 1920s.

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