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Public Libraries of
Nevada & Utah

These are in short supply, and unfortunately, most are either reprints or modern. Or both.

Reno (Washoe County Library)

This is the 1930-1979 iteration, housed in a state building. In this case, I would say it's an improvement over the Carnegie building.

Curt Teich postcard, with a date code from 1927, making me suspect an earlier photo was reused to honor the library. Perhaps that's why there are no people standing around.

It's probably easier to visit the Washoe County Library history page than for me to summarize here, but this building is probably the 1966 iteration.

Two different interior views of the Reno location. One is by Mike Roberts, the other, McGrew Color Graphics.

Tonopah, NV's public library.

Built in 1905 by John J. Hill, per the town's website. You can rent it if you'd like. I wonder if somebody barcoded it?

1907 Newman Post Card, printed in Germany.

Monticello (San Juan County Library)

One of five branch libraries. This attractive Mid-Century Modern building is still in use.


Chrome postcard by Eric J. Seaich.

Salt Lake City

There have been at least three buildings housing the Salt Lake City's public library.

Packard Building

Designed by Hines & LaFarge.

Built in 1905. Replaced in 1964. Today, it's called the Old Hansen Planetarium, and now houses the O.C. Tanner headquarters.


Postcard by "The Bureau" was mailed in 1909.

Opened in 1964. Replaced in 2004. 


According to the Friends of the Library issued postcard, this Mid-Century Modern building was the 1966 recipient of the Merit Award/American Institute of Architects and American Library Association.

Architect's rendering of the current building.


Opening February 2003.


Said architects include Moshe Safdie and Associates of Somerville, Mass.; with Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon (VCBO) Architecture, the local firm.

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