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Pennsylvania Public Libraries

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Occasionally, other philanthropists in Pennsylvania funded libraries. Today, many of these libraries have been merged into area systems, and in some cases, forced to share space with other local governmental functions.

Aliquippa (B.F. Jones Memorial Library)

Another library with steel philanthropical roots. Opened in 1929.


This is a Dexter Press Colorcraft card. In this instance, it's a mis-Colorcraft linen finish postcard.
The library is greyish marble.

B.F. Jones Memorial Library, Aliquippa, PA
Ambler Public Library, PA

This library has been downgraded into being a branch of the Wissahickon Valley Public Library. Worse, it is being moved to the second floor of a borough hall.

This was (is?) a nice mid-twentieth century library building in a bucolic setting. The WYCO photochrom card was mailed in 1966.

Ambridge (Laughlin Memorial Library)
Laughlin Memorial Library, Ambridge, PA

Printed by Curt Teich for S.G. Horlick, but branded IRAS: Superior Quality Brand.


Still in use. Became part of the Beaver County Library System in 1971.

Athens (Spalding Memorial Library)

Built in 1897: repaired (?) in 1927. After a 1999 addition, still in use.


Sky-Tint brand postcard, never mailed. Its spelling, Spaulding, is in error.

Spalding Memorial Libray, Athens, PA
Bedford, PA public library

Opened in 1944 in response to schoolchildren's needs. It was housed in the Community Center. This building is replaced: I don't know its fate, but a downtown building or two could easily be it.

Walmer postcard, printed in Harrisburg.

Bedford County Library, PA, photo copyright 2019 by author, Judith Aulik

I took this photo on a 2019 trip. Bedford lies on the historic Lincoln Highway, although this multipurpose building is in a residential neighborhood. It appears to have had an addition. 

The library was closed when I visited. A bookmobile was parked in the back of the building, but it didn't appear still mobile.

Canton (Green Free Library)
Green Free Library, Canton, PA

Still in use.


I wonder if the green ink was a special request by Coon's 5C-$1.00 Store of Eagle Post Card View Co.

Carlisle (Herman Bosler Memorial Public Library)
Herman Boswell Memorial Public Library, Carlisle, PA

This Curt Teich 'C.T. American Art' card, printed in 1917, was mailed in 1919.


Transferred to its trustees on Jan. 30, 1900, along with endowment monies. Because of a Bosler family history online, I have the building's dimensions: 57' frontage and 88' deep, located on a 63' x 110' lot. The front was made of Avondale marble, but by whom, I don't know.
Now part of the Cumberland County Library System.

Chester (Chester Free Library)
Chester Free Library, Chester, PA

Now known as the J. Lewis Crozer Library.

Technically, this was the third library founded in the state, but it underwent Some interesting changes, the most unfortunate of which came in 1871, when the library collection went into storage.

This 1877 building was in use until the 1940s: I'm not certain of its fate. The 1976 building is the current one, and Chester no longer has branch libraries.

Valentine-Souvenir postcard with divided back.

Clarion (Ross Memorial Library)
Ross Memorial Library, Clarion, PA

Oddly, the historical information I had is no longer present on the library history page. And, it's now known as the Clarion Free Library, and dated back to 1914, not the 1920 of before.
The Ross family is no longer mentioned.


Art-Glo Postcard mailed in 1958.


Founded 1850. This building is no longer in use.


M.B. Thompson & Co. card with an unevenly divided reverse,

Coudersport, PA public library
Danville (Thomas Beaver Free Library)

This building is still in use. At first I was overjoyed by the foresight shown in overbuilding, until I learned the YMCA also occupies the beautiful structure. 

The W. J. Emrick postcard may have been printed by Curt Teich. There aren't any tell-tale plate numbers, though.

Thomas Beaver Free Library, Danville, PA
Ephrata, PA public library

This one storey brick building is no longer in use.


Merrimack Post Card: appears to date from the 1950s.

Erie, PA public library
Great hall of Erie, PA public library
Erie, PA public library

Tom Jones 'Glace' card, mailed 1909.

Beautiful interior with statuary.

Tichnor Brothers card, mailed 1946. 

It appears to show an addition.

Built in 1899; probably torn down in 1996. The Library has had a tumultuous history.

Fallsington, PA public library

Founded in 1800. Remarkably, this 1879 building is still in use as a library.


You just gotta love some of these messages:

Do you know this  I suppose you were ne[v]er here.


Phila. Post Card, mailed in 1906.

Foxburg Free Library, PA

Dedicated in 1910.
The Foxburg Free Library is a part of the Clarion County Library System. This building is still in use, containing both the Library and an arts center, but it's beginning to show its age.


The postcard was published by E.C. Beecher, and mailed in 1915.

Franklin, PA public library in Italianate style.

Founded in 1894: the High Italianate brick building is still in use.


The original card has a deckled edge.

Girard (Wilcox Library)
Wilcox Library, Girard, PA. Shared quarters with a bank.

This strange combination of bank and library came about in 1895, according to the Library Journal
Sometime since, library service has become the purview of the Rice Avenue Community Public Library.


The postcard was published by the Weiler Publishing Company and printed in Germany before 1907.

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