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Florida Libraries
Cities A - L

Some of these buildings are totally exuberant!

Public Library and Old Spanish Kettle, Allandale, FL

City Hall is rather presumptuous. The community is unincorporated and surrounded by Port Orange, which I presume provides library service.

The message on the E.C. Kropp card dates to 1921.

Avon Park

Not this one, however.


This building is no longer in use: the Library is part of the Heartland Library Cooperative, five counties wide.


The photo postcard comes from L.L. Cook. There is a garage in the background.

Avon Park, FL public library

Second oldest library building in Florida, replacing the 1886 Library Association of Belleview Reading Room. I believe this is the 1908 iteration, as it burnt in 1904. In use today as the Friends of Belleview Library's Book Nook.

The postcard scan has been altered to improve contrast.

Belleview, FL public library
Boca Grande (Johann Fust Library)

Spectacular library building, dating from 1950. It's just a block off the Gulf of Mexico. Supposedly, it's still standing, but now it's pink and supposedly has coral in its walls. As the Points of Interest page mentions the 1950 terrazzo floors, I'm assuming the rest of the building survived.


Unexpected view by Natural Color Pubishers/Hannau Color Productions.

Brooksville (Frederick Eugene Lykes, Jr. Memorial Library)
Lykes Memorial Library, Brooksville, FL

Replaced. No clue as to the fate of this building. The new one seems to be doubling as a fire station or similar.

The postcard, mailed in 1954 has one great feature: a bookmobile trailer in back. The bad feature is that someone reversed the negative before printing the card.

Clearwater, FL public library (1961-2004)

Googie, Googier, Googiest!


Replaced the Carnegie building, and was dedicated in 1961.  Clearwater East took some of the strain off this building in 1984, but it had to be replaced in 2004. 

Coral Gables
Coral Gables, FL public library

Founded in 1927. This community building appeared in 1937, courtesy of the WPA. Replaced in 1969. Thought to be still extant.


Curt Teich postcard in linen finish dates to 1943.

Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach, FL public library

The Friends of the Library put together a succinct history of library service in Daytona Beach. This appears to be the 1909-1920 iteration. Its one-room reign ended when a former casino was converted to use as a library from 1920-1947. There has been a lot of progress since.


This E.C. Kropp postcard bears a message dated 1926, but the image does not look casino-like at all.

Eustis, FL Municipal Complex

(L) Curt Teich postcard of the municipal complex.

(R) 1924 Curt Teich postcard of the Library.


Replaced. Fate unknown.

Eustis, FL public library
Fort Myers

Lee County took over library service to Ft. Myers in 1964. The current building seems to date from that era: I do not know what happened to this Spanish-influenced building, which was located on the Thomas Alva Edison College campus.

The Dexter Press postcard is part of its 'Colorcraft' line.

Ft. Myers, FL public library on a local college campus.
Gainesville, FL public library

The postcard calls this the Gainesville Public Library, Santa Fe Regional Library. It's now the Alachua County Library District. (sans Union County) The headquarters (sketch) does not look like this building. 

Google Street View shows what might be a greatly expanded version of this building.


This Dexter Press postcard dates after 1962.




The linen finish postcard appears to date from the 1940s or early 1950s.

Gulfport, FL public library
Jacksonville (Hayden Burns Library)

The Dexter Press postcard tells us that this was a 1965 building, and that its name honors a former Jacksonville mayor.


It's no longer in use, but has been remodeled into commercial projects.


Mid-Century Modern library building with a 1960 Ford, a 1962 Buick, and what might be an American Bantam auto.
Lake Worth

Still in use. No longer orange. Still Mediterranean in style.


A Tichnor Quality View, never mailed.

Lake Worth, FL public library
Lakeland, FL public library

(L) Curt Teich (1943) liked the Library.

(R) Dexter Press did not.


This is referred to as the Park Trammell Building according to A Brief History of Lakeland, Florida on the city's web site.

Lakeland, FL public library

This rather attracive, timeless building is still in use.


Curt Teich postcard from 1966, never mailed.

Lakeland, FL public library

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