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Public Libraries of
Idaho & Montana


OK, so far I don't have any library postcards from Idaho, save the Carnegie buildings. But there should be some out there.

Anaconda (Hearst Free Library)

Opened in 1898, and surpisingly, still in use.


Commercialchrome postcard, never mailed.

Billings (Parmly Billings Memorial Library)

Charles E. Morris monochrome postcard.

C.U. Williams postcard, out of Bloomington, Illinois.

Postcard catches quite a bit of the Library's neighborhood.

Surprisingly, Haunted has a decent history of the Library, founded in 1901. No, this was not a haunted building. It was replaced in 1969. This Romanesque edifice now serves as the Western Heritage Center.


Another Romanesque library building, It took two fires (1905 and 1960) to mortally wound this 1893 building. Its remainder served Butte until 1991, when it was replaced (and presumably demolished.)


Edw. H. Mitchell postcard, mailed in 1907. If it had been produced in 1960, it could have fit in a horizontal frame.

Deer Lodge (Wm. K. Kohrs Memorial Library)

This small library building is still in library use, with what looks like an addition in back.


The monochrome postcard was printed in Germany for Alf. Whitworth, and mailed in 1909.

Great Falls

Replaced the Carnegie building in 1967. Still in use, per Google Street View.

Johnson "Sun" printed the chrome card for Flaherty Enterprises.

Virginia City (Thompson-Hickman Building)

(Re)organized in 1902. Still in use. The historic building does not look large enough to serve both purposes.


Albertype card for C.W. Rank, the local publisher.

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