University & College Carnegie Library Buildings

Both private and public colleges received Carnegie grants to assist their campus development. 

Historically Black Colleges & Universities
Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical  University

Location: Normal, Alabama. Extant, with additions.

1904 grant.

Tuskegee Institute

Location: Tuskegee, Alabama. Extant.

Florida A&M (F.N.I.S.)

Founded as State Normal College for Colored Students. Location: Tallahassee. Extant.

Contains the Southestern Regional Black Archives and Museum.


Two California colleges received Carnegie grants.

Mills College

Named after Andrew Carnegie's daughter, Margaret.

Location: Oakland. Extant.

Serves as the Administrative Offices and Reading Room.

Monmouth College

1905 grant.

Location: Monmouth, Illinois.

Reused as the College's Business offices.

North-Western College, now North Central College

1905 grant.

Location: Naperville, Illinois.

Renovated and reused as the campus computer center.

Shurtleff College (defunct)

1907 grant.

Location: Upper Alton, Illinois.

College closed in 1957, but absorbed into Southern Illinois University--Edwardsville.

Serves as its dental school library.

De Pauw University

1905 grant.

Location: Greencastle, Indiana.

Used as an art center.


Iowa colleges received seven Carnegie grants for their libraries.

Cornell College

1903 grant.

Location: Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

Served the community and the college. Extant.

Drake University

1905 grant.

Location: Des Moines, Iowa.

Currently Drake's law library.

Ellsworth College

1906 grant.

Location: Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Two year (community) college.

Serves as Bullock Jones Hall.

Grinnell College

1903 grant.

Location: Grinnell, Iowa.

Replaced in 1959. Extant.

(L) Interior relaxation nook.

(R) C.U. Williams postcard.

Parsons College (defunct)

1905 grant.

Location: Fairfield, Iowa.

Failed in 1973. Demolished when the Maharishi University took over, and found the campus architecture lacking.

Simpson College

1905 grant.

Location: Indianola, Iowa.

Demolished in 2014.

Upper Iowa University

1901 grant.

Location: Fayette, Iowa.

The David B. Henderson Library was donated in the House Speaker's honor by his friend, Andrew Carnegie.

Baker University

1906 grant.

Location: Baldwin, Kansas.


Fairmount College

1905 grant.

Location: Wichita, Kansas.

Now part of Wichita Sate University.


Bethany College

1905 grant.

Location: Lindsborg, Kansas.


McPherson College

1905 grant.

Location: McPherson, Kansas.

Not visible on Google Earth.

College of Emporia (defunct)

1900 grant.

Location: Emporia, Kansas.

Endangered due to structural issues.

Washburn College

1904 grant.

Location: Topeka, Kansas.

Not visible on Google Earth.

Berea College

1904 grant.

Location: Berea, Kentucky.



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