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Carnegie Libraries of Arkansas

As of 2014, I have found cards for all the Carnegie buildings in the state.

A page with more contemporary images is found on Only in Arkansas.

Eureka Springs

1906 Carnegie grant. Still in use, but looking a little the worse for wear.


Curt Teich postcard, mailed in 1917. It's retouched in such a way that you think the whole building is stone, but according to the web site's photo, the main floor is brick.


Fort Smith

Some Carnegie libraries (Xenia, OH) were demolished by tornadoes. Fort Smith's owes its existence to a tornado which cleared a house from its building site.

1906 Carnegie grant. Replaced in 1970.


Greatest reuse ever:
KFSM - TV. It has been painted white, however. I think it's forgiveable.

S.H. Kress card, probably by Curt Teich. Never mailed.

Little Rock

1906 Carnegie grant. The building was finally built in 1910, and was demolished in 1964.

(L) Card by Tichnor Quality Views; published by A. Karcher Candy Co. of Little Rock.

Notice the two pickup trucks on the right side of the building. Today one doesn't really think of Little Rock as rural.

(R) Colourchrome linen finish postcard.


1915 Carnegie grant. Built in 1916, and still well-loved as the Conway County Library. The Library believes this to be the smallest Southern town to have had a Carnegie building.


This is a Walraven Bros, Inc. postcard, published in Dallas. Stylistically it resembles Curt Teich's Blue Sky series.


Further reading: John Spurgeon's entry in The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture.

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