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Public Libraries of New York
Cities L-O

Lake Placid

Surprisingly, this library is still housed in what looks like a summer cottage. 

This is a Mike Roberts Color Card. It's uncommon to see one of these California-printed postcards of an eastern view.

Lake Placid, NY public library
Larchmont, NY public library

Also serves unincorporated Mamaroneck. The library building resembles a miniature White House, and is still in use as a library.

The Collotype Co. postcard was mailed in 1947.

Le Roy (Woodward Library)
Le Roy, NY's Woodward Library

Le Roy was the original home of Jell-O. Be glad that this wasn't the Windward Library.

According to the Library's history page, this building was constructed on the former Ingham University site, using its stone. Well, it was 1930.

Unattributed postcard. It even lacks a postage box.

Little Falls

A 2016 photo online shows a new building adjacent to the old, with many of the Italianate windows bricked in. I don't know if the two are physically connected.


This O'Neill's Pharmacy postcard was never mailed, but an unevenly divided reverse pegs it to 1907. 

Little Falls, NY public library
Lockport, NY public library

Built in 1935 - 6.
Over the door: Books☆Are☆Like☆An☆Open☆Door☆To☆Set☆The☆Spirit☆Free, attributed to Edith Kathleen Jones, a Massachusetts librarian.


The postcard's wavy effect is due to its linen finish.

Madrid (Hepburn Library)

The library underwent renovations in 2014. Whether it was the building on this card, I know not.


However, this card needs a lot of renovation. It's a $5-PHOTO-CO. postcard, from Photo Park, New York.

Hepburn Library, Madrid, NY

Malone has had two library buildings.

Malone Library

Apparently the immense railroad station served the Ogdensburg & Champlain railroad.

The library building appears to have been built in the 1880s.


Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co. card, printed in Great Britain.

Malone Library, plus RR station, Malone, NY
Wead Library
Wead Library, Malone, NY

Still in use. In reality, the brickwork is in variegated brown shades.
Since 1954, it's part of the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System.


This is a linen-finish, Tichnor Quality View. It's not quite as high quality as the Curt Teich cards it emulates.

Mamaroneck (Hegeman Memorial Library)

‘Mamaroneck is not a fit place to live in until it has a library.’

--Rallying cry for the 1927 library campaign. The 1927 building required additions in 1966, 1987, and 2011 to remain in use.

Typical Collotype Co. monochrome postcard, like that of Larchmont above.

Hegeman Memorial Library, Mamaroneck, NY
Middletown (Thrall Library)
Thrall Library, Middletown, NY

Organized in 1801.
Bleak ca. 1901 building, replaced in 1995. However, the card has some fun details. The woman in blue is reading and walking.


An MLS thesis was written in 1996 by Barbara C. Chumard, about this library.

Mohawk (Weller Public Library)

So many New York public libraries have been housed in former residences. Many were stuck therein: Weller Library has had two wings attached, one quite jarring. The paint has been stripped to reveal red brick.


A Curt Teich card, which actually has an unusual mistake on the caption, calling this the Wellers Public Library.

Weller Public Library, Mohawk, NY
Montour Falls
Montour Falls, NY public library

The building is still in use, and the library is part of the Southern Tier Library System.

New Paltz (Elting Memorial Library)

Chartered in 1909, through a lot of work by local women; heroes, in my book.
The building shown, taken over in 1919, is still in use. There seem to be at least two additions.


Albertype card.

Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY
Newark, NY public library

Built in 1900; added on in 1937, 1954, and 1989.


Rochester News 'Americhrome' postcard.

Newark Valley (Tappan Spaulding Memorial Library)

Still in use. The real photo postcard was taken during construction. And a very eclectic construction it was, with Arts & Craft styling, a Japonesque roof, and a cupola/clock tower. The card was mailed in 1908, possibly by the photographer or a someone close to him.

Tappan Spaulding Memorial Library, Newark Valley, NY, on RPPC
Norwich (Guernsey Memorial Public Library)

Demolished in 1967.


This is an American News Company (ANC) Litho-Chrome brand card.

Guernsey Memorial Public Library, Norwich, NY

Chrome card, showing the replacement building. However, in the right hand background, the house-cum-library possibly remained. Mailed in 1969.


Now, with green shutters!
It also looks to have undergone internal renovations. 


1937 Curt Teich linen-finish card.

Ogdensburg, NY public library
Oneida (Hand-Barker Memorial Library)
Hand-Barker Memorial Library, Oneida, NY

Built in 1955 and expanded in 1993. In need of further expansion or replacement.


Wm. Jubb chrome postcard. 

Oneonta (Huntington Memorial Library)
Oneonta, NY public library

Chartered in 1893. This location dates from 1918, and has had many additions since.

Curt Teich postcard,


"The Castle on the Hill."

Oswego, NY public library

Remarkably, the Library was open to all: a successful antebellum integration attempt. The castle was built in the highly unusual Norman Revival style, and opened in 1856-57. It required much renovation when the walls began to separate from the floors.

Contrary to public (at least to the correspondent of the card) opinion, it was never a Normal School.

The postcard, by Wm. Jubb, was mailed in 1928.

Owego (Coburn Free Library)
Coburn Free Library, Owego, NY

Still in use.


Americhrome card for Albany News.

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