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Canadian Carnegie Libraries


1912 Carnegie building, still in use as a library. Slated for replacement in 2018. AKA Memorial Park Library.

(L) 'SceneOchroM' brand card, made in Canada by the Gowen, Sutton Co. of Vancouver.
(R) Self-framed card published in Saxony by the Pacific Novelty Company of San Francisco. Mailed in 1913.



1913 grant, built in 1923, demolished in 1968. Carnegie also funded the Old Strathcona library, which houses a branch library, with much renovation.

The attractive postcard was printed by the Photo Gelatine Engraving Company, and was never mailed.

 British Columbia 

Edwards Brothers card, printed in Germany.


1901 grant.
The building is now the Carnegie Center, but has a reading room for those without ID and borrowing privileges.


Valentine and Sons Souvenir Post Card printed in Great Britain and mailed in the States.


The Romanesque building has been one of Canada's Historic Places since 1979.


Winnipeg received sufficient 1905 Carnegie grant monies to provide three library buildings. If the card shown is of the Williams Avenue Branch, it has been demolished.


The W.J. Gage postcard was mailed in 1906.

 New Brunswick 
Saint John

Logo of PE CO in a maple leaf. 1950s 4 cent QE II stamp, but never mailed. However, the card looks much older, probably from the 1920s.


1904 building, replaced in 1983, now houses the Saint John Arts Centre.

There are Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan Carnegie libraries, but none for Quebec.

Ontario has its own pages because of the number of cards in my collection.

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