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Public Libraries of Oklahoma

Oklahoma postcards are fairly uncommon in the Chicago area. What I have is scarcely worth a page.


I am thoroughly mystified. The city website has little information, and Google Street View appears to point me to a museum across the street from an abandoned store.


Greycraft postcard, mailed 1949.


A beautiful Deco library, this building is still in use.


Seal Photo Service chrome postcard.


Replaced a Carnegie building in 1964. This building is still in use, despite a roofing debacle and subsequent asbestos abatement in 2007.


The postcard is by Dexter Press for the Scenic Color Card Company.

Many postcards are just plumb odd. Someone must have thought the Library's architecture resembled that of the Union Equity Co-Operative Exchange, also of Enid. In addition, a late '50s Rambler is featured in the library photo.

It's a G.S. Bonham Production. 


Either replaced, or incredibly remodeled.

According to Craig Hall's Flickr page, this was built as a WPA project. The giraffe stone construction is much clearer in his photo.


Curt Teich postcard.


In use, with an addition.


Postcard by Curt Teich.

Ponca City

(L) Monochrome card, manufacturer unknown.

(R) 1937 Curt Teich postcard using a Harvey Photo. I don't know if there's a Fred Harvey connection or not.

Also a replacement for a Carnegie building, demolished in 1935. This stylish library building is still in use.

Sand Springs

This is a rather architecturally significant structure, according to the Tulsa City-County system history page. Its architect was Otis Floyd Johnson, a member of the Lorado Taft Studios of Chicago.

Planned reuse as a local history museum.

(Oregon, IL's Carnegie library has similar connections.)
Its replacement building opened in 2001.


The photo postcard probably dates to the opening of the Library.


The Library was founded in 1927: this building built in 1935. It is still in use.


Curt Teich postcard, originally printed in 1947.


(L) Very harsh Curt Teich view.
(R) Interior view of the Tulsa County Library


This building was dedicated in 1965. 


The red brick library building is still in use, without any visible additions.

The 1931 Curt Teich Photo-Finish card was mailed in 1938.

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