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Public Libraries of Arkansas

El Dorado (Barton Library)

Founded in 1958 in a merger: still in use.

Walter H. Miller chrome postcard

Hot Springs National Park (Garland County Library)

A surprisingly stylish building, no longer in use.

The 1951 Curt Teich linen finish card has a buuf border, more common on cars published on the east coast.

Magnolia (Asa C. Garrett Memorial Library Building)

This WPA-era post office was repurposed into a public library. In turn, it was replaced in 2009. 

The Dexter Press postcard was mailed in 1982.


Building no longer in use.

The postcard is by Curt Teich.


Now the Polk County Public Library. I don't know if this building is still extant.

Another Curt Teich postcard. Teich cards in monochrome are less common than the exuberant linen finish postcards.

Pine Bluff

Stunning Art Deco building, which no longer appears to be extant. The Library is incorporated into City Hall. What a pity!

Curt Teich postcard.


Replaced. Likely no longer extant.

Curt Teich 'Blue Sky' postcard dates to 1928.

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