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Carnegie Libraries of New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the single state in which all nine of its Carnegie-funded public libraries are still in use as public libraries. All nine have postcards which are shown on this page.

Berlin, NH Carnegie library

Carnegie grant dated 1902. Still in use.

According to a town web site, A.I. Lawrence was its architect, with Steward and Snodgrass, the builders.


Raphael Tuck postcard mailed in 1905.

Claremont (Fiske Free Library)
Fiske Free Library, Claremont, NH, housed in a Carnegie building

(L) In a sweet touch on the post card, notice the gentlemen on the right. The older, shorter man, is using the taller man's arm for support and guidance.
(R) This card is so garish, it might have been a product of the Elite Postcard Co. of Kansas City. However, it was made in Germany.

Made after a few too many steins of Pilsener.

Fiske Free Library, Claremont, NH, housed in a Carnegie building

Carnegie library, built in 1903; first addition, 1922; renovation, 1966. Corinne Smith states that this became New Hampshire's first library that was handicapped-accessible. They must have done this gently and subtly, since in 1978, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.


1902 grant. The Randlett & Griffin-designed building was dedicated in 1905. Still in use, with an addition.


The hand detailing on this early German postcard is amazing. It was made for the Hugh C. Leighton Co. of Portland, ME, printed in Frankfort O/Main. It is card No. 2813.
I want to see 1 - 2812.

Romanesque 'lite' Carnegie library in Dover, NH.

1903 grant. Still in use, amazingly unchanged.

Psst. It's beige, not orange.

1930 Curt Teich card, printed during its transition into linen finish cards.

Franklin, NH Carnegie library
Lebanon, NH Carnegie library

1907 Carnegie grant: built in 1909. According to the Lebanon Historical Society, its architects were Dedion & Wright, and its builders, E. Findley Phelps. It's still in use (2011), but its partner in West Lebanon has a new building.


Printed by Frank W. Swallow of Exeter, N.H.; published by the Hotel Rogers; and mailed in 1935.

Littleton, NH Carnegie library

(L) WMLCO (White Mountain Letter Co.) tinted post card with a white border.
(R) Hartman Card & Souvenir Co. card, possibly printed by Curt Teich. Mailed in 1935.

Littleton, NH Carnegie library

1902 grant. Still in use.

Robert Coit was its architect. According to the Library web site, the sole full renovation was in 1960.


1906 grant: opened 1908. Now known as the Dudley-Tucker Library, after a 1993 expansion.

This may have been the only Shingle Style Carnegie library.

Carnegie building of Raymond, NH's library

(L) Very poor quality N. E. Paper & Stationery postcard, never mailed. 

(R) Frank W. Swallow postcard.

Carnegie building of Raymond, NH's library
Rochester, NH Carnegie library

(L) Meriden Gravure Company card, never mailed.
(R) Tinted postcard by Leighton & Valentine, with the library less obscured by shrubbery and trees.


Late 1903 grant. It has had two additions, in 1941 and 1966.

Rochester, NH Carnegie library

1903 grant. Still in use, with limited hours of service.

The unused postcard was printed in Germany for Hugh C. Leighton.

Whitefield, NH Carnegie library

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